When should you book a pre-travel assessment?

  • ideally about a month prior to your departure. Some vaccines require booster doses and all vaccines take at least a few days to become effective. Due to demand and logistics, it may be difficult for us to see you on extremely short notice.


Should infants and children have pre-travel assessments?

  • travel immunizations complement regular immunizations and some may be administered to infants as young as six months.
  • Canadian born children are predisposed to severe disease by tropical infections such as malaria, typhoid fever and gastroenteritis.

What information should I bring?

  • details of your trip
    • purpose (volunteer, pleasure, business)
    • duration
    • travel itinerary
    • exact location within each country
    • activities you will be involved in (hiking, surfing, safari...)
  • medical history
    • drug allergies
    • current medications
    • previous immunizations. Unless you have been seen previously at the London Travel Clinic, we have no information regarding your previous immunizations. Please try to obtain your updated immunization record from your family doctor or local public health unit.
  • OHIP card and private health insurance plan details if you have one


London Travel Clinic Assessment Form:

You may print and complete this travel assessment form prior to your appointment to facilitate the process, although it is not neccessary. Simply bring the completed form with you to your appointment.



Pre-travel assessments and immunizations are not covered by the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP). Travelers must pay directly for their pre-travel assessments and immunizations. Most private drug and extended health benefit plans pay at least a portion of medications prescribed and many cover the cost of travel vaccines.

Travelers are urged to contact their insurance carrier for further information about their individual policy. If your insurance plan does cover a portion of the vaccince and medication costs the Medical Pharmacy will bill insurance plans directly.


Please contact us for more information:

Phone: (519) 432-5508

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London ON
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