The London Travel Clinic is a Public Health Agency of Canada approved Yellow Fever Immunization centre, offering risk assessments, immunizations, prescription medications and travel health supplies for international travelers. The London Travel Clinic is owned and directed by Dr. Ole Hammerberg and is supported by a team of dedicated physicians, nurses and support staff. The Clinic is located in London, Ontario, Canada and serves the region of Southwestern Ontario.

Yellow Fever Vaccine Shortage

Health Canada has issued a statement that there exists an expected shortage of YF-Vax through 2018. Travel clinics will be rationed vaccine until the end of the shortage. Due to an increasing demand for YF-Vax at the London Travel Clinic, we will be instituting "fractional dosing" meaning travellers will be sharing vaccine vials, as recommended by Health Canada. The Clinic will be arranging times for fractional YF-Vax dosing. Please call the clinic 519 432 5508 for further information.

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Appointment Information For London Travel Clinic

All travelers must book an appointment to be seen. Please contact us today to schedule your appointment. Travelers should preferably be seen at least one month prior to departure, however it is never too late to be assessed before a trip.

Travelers will be asked about their specific destinations, health status, medications, allergy history and previous immunizations. Please bring along all appropriate documents. To assist the process, travelers are invited to complete a travel assessment form prior to their appointment.

For further information about tropical disease and prevention based on your travel destination please visit our resource page and follow the relevant links. For up-to-date information on disease outbreaks and health warnings for Canadians click here.